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Facebook promote posts feature can be ad dollar burners!

Facebook is now offering a very easy way to promote your individual posts. You just add your post, hit promote, give them your dollar limit and your done!

The problem with managing your ads like this is currently facebook only gives you a few options: advertise to your fans Or advertise to their friends.  The problem with this is if you are advertising a small business with a local target, a large portion of your ad dollars are being wasted on your fans friends that live nowhere near your town. This can then snowball as one of their out of town friends may become a fan and then you will be advertising to all their friends and maybe none of them live near your town at all. This is also completely removing access to all the targeted feature Facebook ad can offer and doesn’t offer your the ability to set a max bid per click or per cpm

I just recently had a client that owns and small local restaurant on Vancouver Island that was advertising her business this way. When I took a closer look we saw that her ads were being shown to people in over 12 different countries: India, Mexico, Netherlands…  And the ad was visible to over 250,000 people the problem is that only 25,000 people on facebook live within 25 miles of her business. The crazy thing about this is facebook offers some of the best advertising targeting features for businesses it’s just a couple more clicks away.

 How to make your Facebook advertising more effective

The one thing that makes advertising on facebook so great is how targeted you can make it. You have to login and make a facebook ads account first. Look for a link that says “create an ad” (on the bottom of most facebook pages) this will bring you to the place you want create your ads in and it will give you all the targeting features facebook has to offer. You can now target all of your fans friends that live within 10 miles of your town.  You can target a specific gender, age group, even special interests. You will also have the ability to advertise posts, create a custom ad for your page, and even have your ads point to a custom tab on your page.

 It’s not quite as easy as the shortcut ad feature they offer but it gives you much more control over your ad dollars and the results you will have will be much much better! Should you have any questions about facebook advertising feel free to add your questions below Or contact me personally.


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